About Us

A New Wave is Coming

Sandbridge Life Realty Group is a locally-owned and operated vacation rental management and real estate services company located at the southern end of Sandbridge. We offer not only vacation rental management and home sales but we also include concierge and home staging services. Our team of experienced real estate professionals have a combined 70+ years experience within the local market. After recognizing the need for a new, locally owned and operated, professional management company Sandbridge Life Realty Group was born. We pride ourselves on providing competent and personalized services to our clients.


 "To foster meaningful homeowner relationships grounded in trust and accountability. We are dedicated to consistently delivering exceptional experiences to our guests, through collaboration, responsiveness, and a harmonious team approach.”


Through a personalized hands-on approach, we aim to exceed expectations, leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of both homeowners and guests. Our vision goes beyond mere transactions. We are committed to creating a thriving community of guests and homeowners alike. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do.