4 Ideas for a Vacation Rental Guest Book

Hand holds black album with gold lettering that says "Guest Book"

You bought your dream beach house, decorated it to perfection, and enlisted the help of the Sandbridge Life team to book it out for the season! Everything is perfect for your guests to create lasting memories. But … wouldn’t it be nice if you could share in the joy and happiness you helped create for others? A guest book may be the perfect way! Having a vacation rental guest book is a great way to feel connected to your guests and hear about their stay. Guest books allow vacationers to capture memories and experiences for both you and future guests to share. Here are four ideas for a vacation rental guest book for your Sandbridge Beach rental property.

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Polaroid or Instant Camera Selfie Book

Say cheese! A Polaroid or instant camera selfie book is a fun and interactive way for guests to document their stay. Leave a Polaroid or instant camera (and film!) atop a guest book with instructions for guests to take a family photo and leave it in the book. The book can be: 

  • a photo album book, allowing guests to insert their photo and leave a quick note (Check out this one we found on Etsy!) 
  • a paper book, allowing guests to tape their photo inside (Check out this one also found on Etsy!)

Either way, this vacation rental guest book allows guests to capture their vacation memories in real-time, offering you and others a glimpse into their experience!

Optional: Have your vacation rental guests pin their photo to a cork board! (See below for more details!)

Cork Board

A cork board offers another creative and interactive way for guests to share their memories. Provide paper and pens next to the board for guests to write and share their favorite experiences for everyone to see. This display can also encourage guests to leave mementos of their trip for others to enjoy, creating a sense of community among visitors! You can combine this idea with the photo idea and create a place for guests to share images of their trip! (If this idea is for you, check out CorkBoard.com! They offer boards in an array of styles that are bound to match your beach house!)

Optional: Take this to a new level with personalized stationery with the name of your vacation rental house on it!  

An Old Dictionary

Looking for a more novel approach to your vacation rental guest book? Try turning a vintage dictionary into a guest book! Guests can highlight words or phrases that describe their experience or even jot down short notes in the margins. This unique method gives guests a fun way to share their experiences and allows hosts to see how they describe their stay! 

Scrapbook Album

A scrapbook album is another visually-oriented way for guests to document their vacation. Provide guests with supplies like colored pens, stickers, and decorative paper to design their pages, along with pockets for them to insert their vacation photos. This vacation rental guest book idea is one that will eventually be filled with photos, stories, and personal mementos! It can also double as a great activity for days when your guests are relaxing at home or waiting out a rainy day

All of these vacation rental guest book ideas allow you and your guests to feel more connected to each other. They also allow guests to share insights and recommendations for future vacationers in a fun, engaging way. Best of all, a guest book is a great way to help create a sense of community among travelers.

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