Best Beach Vacation Equipment Rentals in Sandbridge

Man stands on beach holding surfboard.

The first image to pop into your head when you think of Sandbridge might be lounging on the sun-soaked beach. But there's more to this picturesque location than just sunbathing! For those ready to elevate their beach experience with a splash of adventure, there are a BUNCH of beach equipment rental options to choose from! If you’re ready to up your vacation with surfing, kayaking, and more, dive into this guide and explore the best beach equipment rentals in Sandbridge.

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Chairs, Umbrellas, Tents and More!

No beach outing is complete without the right comfort essentials—think beach chairs, umbrellas, tents, and beach carts with oversized sand tires! Ocean Rentals and Sandbridge Rentals have everything you might need. Renting standard beach equipment essentials can enhance your day at the beach, provide necessary shade, and a comfortable place to relax. Renting beach chairs can help you enjoy the beach for longer and renting shade equipment can help you avoid sunburn! Both Ocean Rentals and Sandbridge Rentals offer a variety of high-quality, sturdy beach essentials that are easy to set up and take down, use, and/or carry with you!

SUP Adventures (Paddleboards)

For a truly enchanting adventure, explore the beauty of Sandbridge on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Surf & Adventure Co. provides everything you need to dive into this serene activity. You can:

We should note that beginners will likely find paddle boarding in the bay welcoming and easy!  SUP boarding in the ocean is also fun, but depending on the waves, it can present a bit more of a challenge for beginners!


Whether you’re new to kayaking or not, renting a kayak on your Sandbridge vacation offers a unique experience for you and the whole family. This activity is perfect for all ages and skill levels, offering a fun way to navigate the waters and explore areas inaccessible by foot. Surf & Adventure Co. offers kayak rentals, kayak tours for beginners, and ocean kayak tours for those with some experience. They also provide all the necessary equipment and safety gear, and you can choose between single or tandem kayaks for a customized adventure.


Renting a surfboard on your Sandbridge vacation is a MUST! If you want to experience the closest thing to walking on water—or feel the rush of wind as the waves send you gliding across the ocean—then surf you must! Beautiful Sandbridge Beach will not disappoint either. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, local beach equipment rental shops offer both shortboard and longboard rentals (either soft-top or hard-top) as well as private surf lessons and group surf lessons

Catching a wave at Sandbridge is a must-do for thrill-seekers and ocean lovers alike!

Bicycle Rentals

Cycling is a wonderful way to explore Sandbridge at your own pace. Bike rentals come in all forms and for all ages. From beach cruisers and mountain bikes to special fat tire bikes you can ride on the sand, bike rentals are a great way to explore! They’re also a healthy, eco-friendly way to experience the Sandbridge area. 

Whether along the beachfront or through the scenic trails of False Cape State Park, biking is perfect for family outings or solo adventures.

Fishing & Angling 

For those who find their happy place casting a line, renting fishing and/or angling equipment is also available in the Sandbridge area! Fishing rod and reel combo rentals are available for freshwater fishing in Back Bay canals and tributaries. Once you’ve rented your rod, head to the Sandbridge Market for all your bait and tackle needs! (From Labor Day through Memorial Day, you can visit the tackle shop near The Sanctuary at the southend of the beach.)

Boat & Jet Ski Rentals

Elevate your vacation with a thrilling jet ski ride or a relaxing pontoon boat outing with the whole family. Jet ski and pontoon boat rentals in the Sandbridge area are available through VA Beach Water Sports. Jet ski and pontoon boat rentals in Virginia Beach outside the Sandbridge area are also available through Bay Venture Boat Rentals or Rudee Inlet Jet Ski

Golf Carts

Yes, you can rent a golf cart to ride around Sandbridge Beach! Ride around in perfect summer style in an open-air vehicle. Renting a golf cart in Sandbridge can make travel to and from the beach, and all around our resort community, fun and quick! Vacationers can rent a golf cart from Sandbridge Beach Buggies, Sandbridge Rentals, or Luxe Kart. You must have a valid driver’s license to operate the cart. Electric options are available.

As you plan your Sandbridge Beach vacation, remember the best beach equipment rentals can make your vacation truly remarkable. If you have more questions or need help securing your rentals, call us at (757) 447-3600. Our concierge services are here to assist you. Excited about your vacation and ready to book? Visit our booking page today and start planning the ultimate beach getaway!