Wildlife You May Encounter On Your Sandbridge Beach Vacation!

An orange and yellow sunrise in Sandbridge Beach with a dolphin jumping in the waves.

Sandbridge Beach is not just a paradise for beach lovers and adventurers, it’s also a sanctuary for wildlife. From the serene waves of the Atlantic to the quiet back bays and lush dunes, Sandbridge offers ample opportunities to connect with nature. It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike! Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a marine life fanatic, or from a big city and want to see something other than pigeons—Sandbridge Beach has you covered! Here’s a list of wildlife you may encounter on your Sandbridge vacation.


Dolphins are a frequent wildlife sighting in Sandbridge Beach, especially active during the early morning and late afternoons in the summer months. They’re often spotted in the waves close to shore and are best observed from a distance at the water’s edge or from the safety of a kayaking or boating tour. The beauty and splendor of these creatures make dolphin tours a favorite activity for many visitors. Keep your eyes on the horizon, and you might witness these amazing animals on your next Sandbridge vacation!

Sea Turtles

Sandbridge Beach serves as a nesting spot for sea turtles (like the loggerhead!), particularly from late spring through early fall. If you’re lucky, during an early morning walk along the shore, you might glimpse these majestic wildlife creatures returning to the sea after nesting. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge offers opportunities to watch these creatures in a more secluded setting and provides programs that educate visitors on their importance to our coastal ecosystem! Check out this awesome Turtle Nesting Season post on their blog!


The osprey, known for its unique fishing skill, soars above the waves of Sandbridge Beach during the warmer spring and summer months. Early mornings on the bay side of Sandbridge or along the ocean shore are the best times for catching these animals in action. You can commonly find them nesting atop tall structures or diving head first into the water to catch their prey. Their impressive wingspans and distinctive calls make them an unforgettable part of Sandbridge’s wildlife (and an encounter you don’t want to miss!). 

Horseshoe Crabs

Wildlife encounters in Sandbridge Beach range from big to small—especially when it comes to crabs! Horseshoe crabs are one of the oldest creatures in the world, dating back millions of years. They are invaluable to our ecosystem, with their unique blue blood playing a vital role in medical research! During the full moons of spring and summer, these crustaceans come to shore to lay their eggs undisturbed. Walking along the water’s edge of Sandbridge Beach, you might find traces of them or their unique shells!  

Red Foxes

The dunes and wooded areas of Sandbridge are home to the elusive red fox, often spotted at dawn or dusk throughout the year. Known for their orange-red fur, these solitary creatures utilize the sand dunes to build their dens. Their presence adds a unique element of wilderness to the area, inviting visitors to explore and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them. If you’re lucky, you might see this elusive animal on your Sandbridge vacation!

The potential, diverse wildlife encounters possible in Sandbridge Beach are sure to add excitement to your vacation! From the playful dolphins in the ocean to the quiet red fox exploring the dunes, these five animals are a reminder of the beauty and diversity of our beach.

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